A Corpus-Based Socio-Onomastic Analysis On Turkish And American Horror Film Naming





Corpus-based, Socio-onomastic, sociolinguistics, Turkish, American, Film naming, Horror


Both fear and horror have been extensively explored as universal unpleasant emotions with significant effects on psychological well-being. It is believed that horror is the feeling aroused when watching a horror film, and a sense of suspense and resolution is behind it. The present study explores how cultural, social, interactive, and cognitive contexts influence Turkish and American horror film naming. The present study aims to analyze Turkish and American horror film titles based on a socio-onomastic approach. So, 223 Turkish (1949-2021) and 2840 American (1898-2023) horror movie titles were investigated. The hypothesis was that Turkish horror film naming uses religious elements due to religious background. But according to the present study's findings, religious elements are also available in USA horror film naming. Yet, while making and naming their films, American horror film producers pay more attention to cultural events than Turkish filmmakers. On the other hand, the keywords used in naming Turkish and American horror films, regardless of their languages, were the same.


Author Biographies

Ferdi Bozkurt, Anadolu University

Associate Professor

Mandana Kolahdouz Mohammadi , Payam-e Noor University

Department of Language and Translations Studies

Payam-e Noor University, Iran





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Bozkurt, F., & Mohammadi , M. K. (2023). A Corpus-Based Socio-Onomastic Analysis On Turkish And American Horror Film Naming. CINEJ Cinema Journal, 11(2), 418–445. https://doi.org/10.5195/cinej.2023.589