Cinematic Mythology in the Narrative and Design of Tomm Moore’s The Secret of Kells




animation, celtic art, cinema, design, fractals, tale, christianity, visual design


This paper examines the Irish animated film The Secret of Kells. The conflict of the pagan world with the monotheistic world has been going on for millennia, and the reflections of these conflicts are clearly manifested both in the religious and artistic fields. In different geographies of the world, the call of mother nature still resonates in the depths of the subconscious of most people, images of pagan faith are transmitted from generation to generation and become visible in the works of artists. The life story of Brendon, the hero of the film, which is the subject of this article, makes viewers feel the sensitivity of cinematic aesthetics and folkloric narratives and mythologies through a characteristic Irish animation. The ethnic expressive style of Irish animation has been studied in detail in this article both in the sense of animated cinema and cultural studies.

Author Biography

Yasemin Kılınçarslan, Usak University

Yasemin Kılınçarslan is an Assoc. Professor of Cinema Studies at the Usak University Communication Faculty where she directs stop-motion animated films and teaches cinema history and cinema theories. She is underwater photographer and leads projects about the undersea of the west region of Turkey.


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