Let’s Make it American: American Remakes of the British Films





Remake, American Cinema, Film, Narrative, Americanization, Intertextuality


The purpose of this study is to analyze American remake versions of the original British films taking narrative as a basis. It claims that the American remakes put America forward as a cultural product for sale, and makes the British narrative Americanized. For the study, four films have been chosen for analysis: Alfie (1966, dir. Lewis Gilbert), Alfie (2004, dir. Charles Shyer), Bedazzled (1967, dir. Stanley Donen), Bedazzled (2000, dir. Harold Ramis). This study explores the narrative elements of the American remakes by comparing the remakes with their originals. These narrative elements are setting, intertextuality and Americanization.

Author Biography

Elif Kahraman Dönmez, Istanbul Arel University

Lecturer in Public Relations and Advertising

PhD candidate in Istanbul University Public Relations and Administration


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