Pueblos Silenciosos/Silent Comunities: Within the Grain, Against the Grain


  • Özge Karayalçın




Chicano Literature, minority studies, postcolonial era, border movies, Chicanos


Born in East L.A.

This article is an attempt to map in general sense the origins and development of the Chicano movement in The United States. The reason why a term like’’Chicano/-a’’ was coined and what it means politically, socially, economically and also is going to be discussed in depth. The term Chicano or Chicana (also spelled Xicano or Xicana) was coined to characterize Latinos as American born, but originally based in Mexico. Filmed in 1987, the movie ‘’Born in East L.A.’’ is a cultural representation of Xicanos, that’s why this movie has become a great source for me to fill the term ‘’Chicano/-a’’ to form the basis for my assignment and be able to be more open in terms of elucidating the new identity called ‘’chicano’’today.



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