Books Received 2020

Murat Akser


In 2020 we have received a variety of books on cinema and media from these publishers: Amsterdam University Press., Bloomsbury Academic, Columbia University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Intellect, Nordicom, Peter Lang, Routledge, University of Illinois Press, and Wayne State University Press.

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Albuquerque, P. (2018). The Webcam as an Emerging Cinematic Medium. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Barraza, V. and C. Fischer eds. (2020). Chilean Cinema in the Twenty-First-Century World. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Breger, C. (2020). Making Worlds: Affect and Collectivity in Contemporary European Cinema. New York: Columbia University Press.

Brockmann, S. (2020). A critical history of German film 2nd Edition. Camden House.

Broughton, L. (2020). Reframing Cult Westerns: From The Magnificent Seven to The Hateful Eight. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Christensen, C. C. (2020). Film Studies in China 2: Selected Writings from Contemporary Cinema. Bristol: Intellect.

Cummins, K. (2020). Herstories on Screen: Feminist Subversions of Frontier Myths. New York: Columbia University Press.

Deming, R. (2020) Touch of Evil. London: BFI.

Erbaysal Filibeli, T. (2020). Information Nightmare: Fake News, Manipulation and Post-Truth Politics in the Digital Age. Berlin: Peter Lang.

Farmanfarmaian, R. ed. (2020). Media and Politics in the Southern Mediterranean: Communicating Power in Transition after 2011. London: Routledge.

Fujiki, H., & Phillips, A. (Eds.). (2020). The Japanese Cinema Book. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Humphrey, D. (2020). Archaic Modernism: Queer Poetics in the Cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Jensen, P.M. and U. C. Jacobsen eds. (2020) The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama. Nordicom.

Kaptan, Y., & Algan, E. (2020). Television in Turkey: Local Production, Transnational Expansion, and Political Aspirations.Palgrave Macmillan.

Keller, S. (2020). Anxious Cinephilia: Pleasure and Peril at the Movies. New York: Columbia University Press.

Larsen, A. G., Fadnes, I., & Krøvel, R. (2020). Journalist Safety and Self-Censorship. London: Routledge.

Lash, D. (2020). The Cinema of Disorientation: Inviting Confusions. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Lennard, D., Palmer, R. B. & M. Pomerance (Eds.) (2020). The Other Hollywood Renaissance. Edinburgh University Press.

Lie, S. (2020). Towards a Political Aesthetics of Cinema: The Outside of Film. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Lim, S. H., & Ward, J. (Eds.). (2020). The Chinese cinema book. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Liz, M., & Owen, H. (2020). Women's Cinema in Contemporary Portugal. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Luzón-Aguado, V. (2020). Harrison Ford: Masculinity and stardom in hollywood. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Masini, M. (2020). I miei film con Carmelo Bene / My Films with Carmelo Bene / Mes films avec Carmelo Bene. edited by Carlo Alberto Petruzzi, Damocle, Venice.

Mazierska, E., & Kristensen, L. (Eds.). (2020). Third Cinema, World Cinema and Marxism. Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

Mehta, R. B.(2020). Unruly cinema: History, politics, and bollywood. University of Illinois Press.

Merck, M. (2020). Cinema's melodramatic celebrity: Film, fame, and personal worth. London: British Film Institute.

Murphy, J., & Rascaroli, L. (Eds.). (2020). Theorizing Film Through Contemporary Art: Expanding Cinema. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Nagib, L. (2020). Realist cinema as world cinema: non-cinema, intermedial passages, total cinema. Amsterdam University Press.

Naqvi, F. (2020). The White Ribbon. Camden House.

Newton, M. (2020). Rosemary's baby. London: BFI.

Noble, F. (2020). Subversive Spanish Cinema: The Politics of Performance. Bloomsbury Academic.

Papadimitriou, L. & A. Grgic (Eds.) (2020). Contemporary Balkan Cinema: Transnational Exchanges and Global Circuits. Edinburgh University Press.

Pisters, P. (2020). Carrie’s Sisters: New Blood in Contemporary Female Horror Cinema. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Przedpełski, R. and S. E. Wilmer eds. (2020). Deleuze, Guattari and the Art of Multiplicity. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Pye, D. ed. (2020). V. F. Perkins On Movies: Collected Shorter Film Criticism. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Sikov, E. (2020). Film studies: an introduction 2nd edition. New York: Columbia University Press.

Smith, A., & Higgins, M. (2020). The language of journalism: A multi-genre perspective. Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

Steensen, S., & Westlund, O. (2020). What is Digital Journalism Studies?. London: Routledge.

Trifonova, T. (2020). The Figure of the Migrant in Contemporary European Cinema. Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

Verheul, J. (Ed.). (2020). The Cultural Life of James Bond: Specters of 007. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Wexman, V. W. (2020). Hollywood's Artists: The Directors Guild of America and the Construction of Authorship. New York: Columbia University Press.

Youngblood, G. (2020). Expanded cinema. Fordham University Press.



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