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In 2016 we have received a variety of books on cinema and media from these publishers: Bloomsbury Academic, Brill, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Edinburgh University Press, Manchester University Press, Peter Lang, Policy Press, Routledge, University of California Press, University of Illinois Press, Wayne State University Press.


film studies

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Archibald, David. The War That Won't Die: The Spanish Civil War In Cinema. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2014.

Bazin, André. Andre Bazin’s New Media. University of California Press, 2014.

Bell-Metereau, Rebecca. Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Boulter, Jonathan. Parables of the Posthuman: Digital Realities, Gaming, and the Player Experience. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Broe, Dennis. Maverick. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Cartmell, Deborah. Adaptations in the Sound Era: 1927-37. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2015.

Çoban, Savaş. Media and Left. Brill, 2014.

Coward, Noel. Screenplays, Bloomsbury,2015.

Craven, Ian. Movies on home ground: Explorations in amateur cinema. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009.

Curtin, Michael, Jennifer Holt, and Kevin Sanson, eds. Distribution Revolution: Conversations about the Digital Future of Film and Television. Univ of California Press, 2014.

Devi, Gayatri. Humor in Middle Eastern Cinema. Wayne State University Press, 2014.

Feil, Ken. Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Wayne State University Press, 2014.

Flanagan, Martin, Andrew Livingstone, and Mike McKenny. The Marvel Studios Phenomenon: Inside a Transmedia Universe. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2016.

Freedman, Des. The contradictions of media power. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014.

Gauntlett, David. Making media studies: the creativity turn in media and communications studies. Peter Lang Publishing, 2015.

Gerstner, David A., and Julien Nahmias. Christophe Honoré: A Critical Introduction. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Isaacs, Bruce. The orientation of future cinema: Technology, aesthetics, spectacle. Boomsbury, 2013.

Ishizuka, Karen L., and Patricia Rodden Zimmermann. Mining the home movie: excavations in histories and memories. Univ of California Press, 2008.

Knight, Julia, and Christine Gledhill, eds. Doing Women’s Film History: Reframing Cinemas, Past and Future. University of Illinois Press, 2015.

Koksal, Ozlem. Aesthetics of Displacement: Turkey and Its Minorities on Screen. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2016.

Kramer, Lucia. Bollywood in Britain. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2016.

Leotta, Alfio. Peter Jackson. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2015.

Lindop, Samantha. Postfeminism and the fatale figure in neo-noir cinema. Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Litch, Mary M., and Amy Karofsky. Philosophy through film. Routledge, 2014.

Martin, Richard. The Architecture of David Lynch. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014.

Morreale, Joanne. The Dick van Dyke Show. Wayne State University Press, 2012.

Panse, Silke, and Dennis Rothermel, eds. A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television. Palgrave, 2014.

Pierson, Jo, and Joke Bauwens. Digital Broadcasting: An Introduction to New Media. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015.

Roberts, John Michael. New media and public activism: Neoliberalism, the state and radical protest in the public sphere. Policy Press, 2014.

Salvato, Nick. Knots Landing. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Shand, Ryan. Small-gauge storytelling: discovering the amateur fiction film. Edinburgh University Press, 2013.

Shaw, Tony. Cinematic terror: a global history of terrorism on film. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2014.

Shen, Qinna. The Politics of Magic: DEFA Fairy-tale Films. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Soules, Marshall. Media, persuasion and propaganda. Edinburgh University Press, 2015.

Studlar, Gaylyn. Have Gun—Will Travel. Wayne State University Press, 2015.

Tepperman, Charles. Amateur cinema: the rise of North American moviemaking, 1923-1960. Univ of California Press, 2014.

Thakur, Gautam Basu. Postcolonial Theory and Avatar. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2015.

Yesil, Bilge. Media in New Turkey: The Origins of an Authoritarian Neoliberal State. University of Illinois Press, 2016.



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