Authorship in Cinema: Author & Reader


  • Başak Göksel Demiray Keele University



authorship in cinema, author, reader, auteur, style


This study consists of an elaboration on authorship in cinema by employing the conceptions of the ‘author’ and the ‘reader’. Within the scope of this elaboration, for a better understanding of the ‘cinematic-author’, first, the literary origin of the concept of the ‘author’ will be examined. Then, ‘Who is an author in cinema?’ will be questioned both through the on-going debates about the conception and what the concept itself means to me. Finally, the focus of the study will shift to the concept of the ‘reader’ and its interdependent relationship with the concept of the ‘author’; and it will be stated that, unlike post-structuralist ideas, it is not necessary to kill the ‘author’ for the birth of the ‘reader’.

Author Biography

Başak Göksel Demiray, Keele University

Visiting Research Fellow, Research Institute for the Humanities, Keele University



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