The Black magic: An aesthetic analysis of its illustration in the sociohorteur film: Dachra




Cinema, sociohorteur movies, black magic, witchcraft, Immaterial Cultural Heritage, Dachra, Rithos Diabolicos, Abdelhamid Bouchnak


Throughout the history of the humanity, and not withstanding of the humankind; the black magic has always been, and is still, an ugly and frightening human folklore in many cultures, whatever would be their religions and beliefs ; and from which, they are still suffering until nowadays, due to its distinction with mysterious and suspicious practices that have been imprinted in the identity of mankind, as a point of contention that transcends different sects and races. Discussing such issue is deeply hated by most of the populations, due to the huge rate of horror and frightens it may push the interlocutors to feel: what if such an internationally suffering from problematic is treated through a motion picture? Would its receiving and comprehension be better and easier? And how would a horror movie be a film d’auteur, horror and social one at the same time? Will there be a difference in the way of receiving it by the audience? And would the fact of being predecessor and identificatory at the same time, positively influence its distribution? We will try to answer all those questions through our article that we baptise: The Black magic: an intangible cultural heritage in defiance of the human will-An aesthetic and analytical lecture of its illustration in the sociohorteur movie: Dachra made by Abdelhamid Bouchnak

Author Biography

Faten Ridene, High School of Audiovisual and Cinema ESAC Gammarth-Carthage University-Tunisia

Assistant Professor-Researcher-Reviewer_Film Critic


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