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In 2020 we have received a variety of books on cinema and media from these publishers: Amsterdam University Press., Bloomsbury Academic, Columbia University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Intellect, Nordicom, Peter Lang, Routledge, University of Illinois Press, and Wayne State University Press.

Author Biography

Murat Akser, University of Ulster

Murat Akser is lecturer in cinematic arts, in the School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster, UK. Between 2006-2013 he has been an associate professor of cinema and media studies, chair of new media department and the founding director of the Cinema and Television MA program at Kadir Has University Istanbul, Turkey. He has his MA in Film and PhD in communication and culture from York University, Canada. He works extensively on political economy of film festivals, film genres and has recently published a book length study of Turkish cinema from Lambert: Green Pine Resurrected: Film Genre, Parody, and Intertextuality in Turkish Cinema. Also an independent filmmaker Dr. Akser has directed short films, music videos and is a member of International Cinematographers Guild and Academy of Canadian Film and Television.


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Jensen, P.M. and U. C. Jacobsen eds. (2020) The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama. Nordicom.

Kaptan, Y., & Algan, E. (2020). Television in Turkey: Local Production, Transnational Expansion, and Political Aspirations.Palgrave Macmillan.

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Naqvi, F. (2020). The White Ribbon. Camden House.

Newton, M. (2020). Rosemary's baby. London: BFI.

Noble, F. (2020). Subversive Spanish Cinema: The Politics of Performance. Bloomsbury Academic.

Papadimitriou, L. & A. Grgic (Eds.) (2020). Contemporary Balkan Cinema: Transnational Exchanges and Global Circuits. Edinburgh University Press.

Pisters, P. (2020). Carrie’s Sisters: New Blood in Contemporary Female Horror Cinema. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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Youngblood, G. (2020). Expanded cinema. Fordham University Press.




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