Review of Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen




Michel Chion, Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen. New York: Columbia University Press, 2019. xxvi + 270 pp. ISBN 9780231185899, $30.00 (pbk)

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Nick Poulakis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

I hold a PhD from the Department of Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology (Faculty of Music Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens, Greece). My dissertation ("Music in Greek films of the sixties: A historical-anthropological approach") focuses to study of music in Greek films of the 60s. I try to highlight the performative practices that control the audiovisual representation in a specific historical context by applying new theories and methodologies of critical consideration of music and cinema as cultural artefacts.
I taught ethnomusicology, anthropology of music, popular film music,documentary, ethnographic film and musical multimedia at the University ofAthens and the Technological University of Epirus and worked on researchprojects about the music of Thrace, East Macedonia, Corfu and Serbia andabout musicological ethnographic films. Articles and book chapters of minehave been published in Greece and abroad. I am a member of the editorialgroup of the musicological journal “Polyphonia”, a member of the“International Music and Media Research Group” and a peer-reviewer of thejournals "E-pisteme" and "eSharp". I am also a member of the SpecialTechnical Laboratory Staff of the Ethnomusicology and CulturalAnthropology Laboratory at the University of Athens.


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