Reinventing Consumption Traditions through the Process of Unification of a Country: Understanding “Good Bye Lenin!”


  • Ece Ceren Engür İzmir Institute of Technology



consumption, Good Bye Lenin, Germany, global consumerism, traditions


This paper focuses on the change of consumption traditions in terms of re-unification of a country. The discussion bases on the movie, “Good Bye Lenin!”(2003) and chases the transformations on consumption trends in order to understand how the re-unification of East and West Germany influences the practices of everyday life after a four decade long segregation. The movie displays the 1990’s Germany during the times when the Berlin Wall falls and frames a family portrait which is dominated by an idealist and traditional mother character in the last days of her life.

Author Biography

Ece Ceren Engür, İzmir Institute of Technology

İzmir Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture


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